Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of your FREE no obligation 28 day trial of Zoho PhoneBridge from Goldfish

  1. Once you have registered we will contact you to set up your trial and issue you with a Goldfish phone number.
  2. The trial includes Irish or U.K. phone numbers only.
  3. The trial includes a free €5 credit added to your account to test PhoneBridge for outgoing calls. Incoming calls are not charged.
  4. Please be aware this a VoIP virtual phone number, which is accessed over the Internet. You will need a VoIP compatible handset to make and receive calls or you can use a choice of softphone, webphone or an app. We will advise you of ways to use our service that suit you best.  Please see here how to use VoIP.
  5. If you wish to continue the service Irish numbers are  €5 per month number  and €10 per month for U.K. phone numbers. You will also need to add non-going call credit to your account.
  6. Please note you will need a Zoho account, with sufficient privileges to allow you to add Goldfish’s Quvu PhoneBridge integration.
  7. Please read the full details of our  Terms and Conditions,
    Privacy and Cookie Policy and Cancellation Policy